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Welcome to the RBMS Blog Boot Camp Blog


This is the first entry in the RBMS Blog Boot Camp Blog, which was set up in early June 2008 to support a seminar at the 49th Annual RBMS Preconference in beautiful, sunny Los Angeles, CA. The blog is being used both as an instructive tool to demonstrate just how easy it is to get a blog up and running, and as a persistent resource for the seminar. (RBMS is an acronym for the Rare Book and Manuscript Section of the American Library Association, an organization that supports the work of librarians and archivists working with rare books, manuscripts, and other types of special collections.)

It’s possible that if there is enough interest, news and announcements about special collections blogging– and other experimentation with participatory web technologies– but that depends on interest after the session. Meanwhile, in the next month, I’ll be posting the various questions that panelists in the seminar will be asked, to open up the discussion more widely. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts if you’re a special collections staff person who is currently utilizing blogging in your work or for your institution! If you don’t blog, or are in the early stages of considering how a blog might further your institutional or professional work, your comments are welcome as well.

It is my hope that this blog will be a useful resource for the rare and special materials community! Thanks in advance for your interest and participation.


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