Special Collections Blogs : Institional Support / Institutional Resistance

Question F.

If you’re blogging already, can you reflect about your institutional context– were your colleagues and your institution initially vocal and supportive of your blogging endeavors– or was there resistance, trepidation or some other prevalent attitude? How has your institutional context impacted your blogging efforts? If there were institutional concerns, what were they? How have you addressed them?

If you’re not currently blogging, does your institutional context play a role in that choice?


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  1. My institution was rather indifferent, since an attempt at a whole-library blog died a horrible death. No one posted to the library blog because access was tightly controlled, no comments were allowed after one spam incidence, and it was decided that no one really had time to maintain another “thing”. So it died.

    My blogging was not really looked at one way or another. As long as it doesn’t interfere with my tenure publications, people seem to think it’s a reasonable way to continue to promote my department. *shrug*

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